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Welcome - Global Irish Economic Forum 19 - 21 November


19 November : Regional Meetings in Derry, Galway, Limerick and Laois

20 & 21 November : Dublin Castle 

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The 2015 Global Irish Economic Forum takes place in a different context from its predecessors - this is the first Global Irish Economic Forum since Ireland successfully exited its bailout programme and our focus on this occasion is firmly on sustaining and strengthening our robust economic growth, complementing the range of Government initiatives in place to support entrepreneurs and assist businesses to set up and to scale up.

Building on new policy initiatives by the Government, this Forum will target specific areas of strategic interest including financial services, international education and research and innovation to ensure that we are capitalising on the opportunities that exist for Ireland in these growing spheres.

The Forum is also focused on fostering entrepreneurship and supporting existing businesses to scale up, grow their exports and create jobs at home. The Government has committed to the goal of full employment by 2018 and increased Irish exports are a crucial part of our plan for jobs and growth. Many members of the Global Irish Network can play a role in developing export opportunities for Irish companies in overseas markets, with the support and assistance of the embassy network and the State agencies.

Since coming into Office, I have repeatedly stated that our Diaspora can make a meaningful contribution to Ireland’s economic recovery. The Global Irish Network is a central element of the Government’s engagement with the Diaspora in support of our economic goals.

The success of the Network is testament to the hard work, innovation and ability which characterises the Irish abroad. Members have clearly demonstrated a willingness to engage in delivering economic recovery in Ireland. The connections made and ideas generated have demonstrated that in this modern globalised world, the reach, power and influence of so many members of the Irish Diaspora can provide Ireland with an important competitive edge.

Charles Flanagan, T.D.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade