2013 Forum Participants

  • Kingsley AIKINS
    CEO, Diaspora Matters (based in Ireland)
  • Lionel ALEXANDER
    Vice President, Hewlett Packard (Manufacturing) Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Tom ARNOLD
    Chairperson, Convention for the Irish Constitution (based in Ireland)
  • Elizabeth Frawley BAGLEY
    Senior Advisor for Special Initiatives, Office of the Secretary of State (based in United States)
  • Donal BALFE
    Vice President, Manufacturing Respiratory & Monitoring Solutions, Covidien (based in Ireland)
  • Brian BARRY
    Chairman, Pinpoint GPS Solutions (based in Canada)
  • Don BARRY
    President, University of Limerick (based in Ireland)
  • Gerard J. BARRY
    Former CEO & Founder President, Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd (based in Ireland)
  • Camilla BEGLAN
    Global Director - Learning & Development, Bombardier Transportation (based in Germany)
  • Clive BELLOWS
    Managing Director Ireland, Northern Trust Management Services (Ireland) Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Arun BHAN
    Founder Director, Wellness Economic Initiative (based in Ireland)
  • Rosaleen BLAIR
    Founder and CEO, Alexander Mann Solutions (based in United Kingdom)
  • Aidan BRADY
    Chief Executive, Citibank Europe (based in Ireland)
  • Angela BRADY
    Director , Brady Mallalieu Architects (based in United Kingdom)
    President International, Genworth Financial (based in Britain)
  • David BREEN
    Managing Director, Magnum International (based in Ireland)
  • Peter BRENNAN
    Finance Director, Fantastic Holdings Limited (based in Australia)
    Chairman, The American Ireland Fund (based in United States)
  • James BROWNE
    President, NUI Galway (based in Ireland)
  • Sinéad BROWNE
    Chief Operating Officer, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty - Germany (based in Germany)
  • Arthur BRUCE
    National Strategic Manager (Rail), Downer Australia (based in Australia)
  • Brian BUCKLEY
    Independent Oil & Gas Executive, (based in Ireland)
  • Eugénie BUCKLEY
    Principal, Suiko Consulting (based in Australia)
  • Conrad BURKE
    Head of Global Marketing - Solar Materials, DuPont (based in United States)
  • Pat BUTLER
    Operating Partner, Resolution Financial Markets LLP (based in Britain)
  • Dan BYRNE
    Co-Founder & Chairman, Lincor Solutions Ltd (based in Ireland)
  • Séamus BYRNE
    Owner/Managing Director, Byrne Group (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Kevin CAHILL
    President-General, American Irish Historical Society (based in United States)
  • Gordon CAMPBELL
    Chief Executive Officer, Spar International (based in Netherlands)
  • Michael CAREY
    Chairman, Bord Bia (based in Ireland)
  • Desmond P. CARR
    Retired Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia Inc. (based in United Kingdom)
  • Caroline CASEY
    Founder, Kanchi (based in Ireland)
  • Liam CASEY
    Chief Executive Officer, PCH International (based in China)
  • Norah CASEY
    Chief Executive Officer, Harmonia (based in Ireland)
  • Peter CASEY
    Executive Chairman, Claddagh Resources (based in United States)
  • Terry CLUNE
    Chief Executive Officer, Taxback.com (based in Ireland)
  • Michael COLGAN
    Director, Gate Theatre (based in Ireland)
  • Michael COLLINS
    Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Medical School (based in United States)
  • Fred COMBE
    Entrepreneur & Business Consultant, Natus Pte Ltd (based in Singapore)
  • Kevin CONBOY
    President & Law Professor, Irish Chamber of Atlanta (based in United States)
  • Aidan CONNOLLY
    Vice President Corporate Accounts, Alltech (based in United States)
  • Matthew CONNOLLY
    Founder & Managing Director, EIRE Systems (based in Japan)
  • Niamh CONNOLLY
    Expert President's Office, Nanyang Technological University (based in Singapore)
  • Avril CONROY
    Director of Regional Sales, Rosneft Russia (based in Russian Federation)
  • John CONROY
    Chief Executive, Merrion Capital Group Ltd (based in Ireland)
  • Richard COOKE
    Chief Executive Officer, Lincor Solutions (based in United States)
  • Thomas (Tom) CORCORAN
    Senior Advisor, The Carlyle Group (based in United States)
  • Paddy COSGRAVE
    CEO, Web Summit (based in Ireland)
  • Gerard CREANER
    President, GetReskilled Inc (based in Singapore)
  • Edel CREELY
    Managing Director, Trilogy Technologies (based in Ireland)
    Chief Risk Officer, Westfield Group (based in Australia)
  • Noel CURRAN
    Director General, RTÉ (based in Ireland)
  • Paraic CURTIS
    Vice President, Endoscopy EMEA, Boston Scientific Ireland Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Adrian DALY
    Chief Executive Officer, The Source Pensions Administration & Trustee Co. Ltd. (based in Ireland)
  • John DALY
    Partner Managing Director, Goldman Sachs (based in United States)
  • Susan DAVIS
    Chairman, Susan Davis International (based in United States)
  • Colm DELVES
    Group Chief Executive Officer & Board Director, Digicel Group (based in Ireland)
  • Richard DEVEREUX
    Labour Law Counsel, Intel GmbH (based in Germany)
  • Brendan DOWLING
    Chief Executive Officer, Digital Trading Technologies Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Gearoid DOYLE
    Founder/Executive Chairman, Kinsale Capital Management (based in Ireland)
  • Margaret DOYLE
    Head of Financial Services Insight, Deloitte UK (based in Britain)
    Group Chief Executive, Wates Group Ltd (based in United Kingdom)
  • Joe DUFFY
    Ireland Country Executive, BNY Mellon (based in Ireland)
  • Paraic DUFFY
    Director General, Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA)(based in Ireland)
  • Paul DUFFY
    Vice President, External Supply Operating Unit, Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals (based in Ireland)
  • Gerry DUNNE
    Chief Executive Officer, Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company (based in Ireland)
  • Ronan DUNNE
    Chief Executive Officer, Telefonica UK limited (based in United Kingdom)
  • Gearóid FAHERTY
    Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Eurand N.V. (based in Italy)
  • Dessie FARRELL
    Chief Executive Officer, Gaelic Players Association (based in Ireland)
  • Mike FEERICK
    Chairman , Ireland Reaching Out (based in Ireland)
  • Mark FENTON
    General Secretary, AXA Life Invest, AXA Group (based in Ireland)
  • Irial FINAN
    Executive Vice President & President, The Coca-Cola Company & Bottling Investments (based in United States)
    President & CEO, Fitzgerald & Co. (based in United States)
    Vice-President for Research, University College Dublin (based in Ireland)
    Chief Executive Officer, Sentenial Limited (based in Ireland)
    President & Chief Executive Officer, Fitzpatrick Hotel Group (based in United States)
  • James W. FLANNERY
    Winship Professor of the Arts & Humanities Emeritus, Emory University Atlanta (based in United States)
    CEO, Storm Technology (based in Ireland)
  • Cathal GAFFNEY
    Chief Executive, Brown Bag Films (based in Ireland)
  • Damian GAMMELL
    Chief Executive Officer, Coca-Cola Turkey (based in Turkey)
    Chief People & Performance Officer, Etihad Airways UAE (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Clem GARVEY
    Chief Operating Officer, Neopost Group (based in France)
    Managing Director, Citi (based in United Kingdom)
  • Håkan GERGILS
    Director, ECOFIN Invest AB (based in Sweden)
  • Jacqueline GILNA
    President, International Enterprise Partners Inc. (IEPCAN)(based in Canada)
  • Rory GODSON
    Senior Partner, Powerscourt Ltd (based in Britain)
  • Alan GRAY
    Managing Partner, Indecon International Economic Consultants (based in Ireland)
    CEO, Creagh Medical Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Felimy GREENE
    Director, McLaren Innovation (based in Singapore)
  • Kieron GUILFOYLE
    Chief Executive Officer, 3V Transaction Services Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Cathriona HALLAHAN
    Managing Director, Microsoft Ireland (based in Ireland)
    Chief Economist, Prosperity Capital Management (RF) Limited (based in United Kingdom)
    Founder & President, Irish Technology Leadership Group & SVG Partners (based in United States)
  • Edmond HARTY
    CEO, Dairymaster (based in Ireland)
  • Aongus HEGARTY
    President EMEA, Dell (based in Ireland)
  • Declan HEGARTY
    Managing Director, Global Corporate Bank, JP Morgan (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Bernard HENSEY
    Vice President, Fleet Management, Boeing Aviation (based in United States)
    Corporate Vice President, Microsoft (based in United States)
    Chief Executive Officer, PFH Tecnology Group (based in Ireland)
  • Ian HYLAND
    President/Publisher & Founder, Business & Finance Media Group and Ireland INC (based in Ireland)
  • Aedhmar HYNES
    Chief Executive Officer, Text100 (based in United States)
  • Garry HYNES
    Founder & Producer, Druid Theatre Co. (based in Ireland)
    Managing Director, The Irish Times (based in Ireland)
    Managing Director, Riviera Radio (based in Monaco)
  • Cathy KEARNEY
    Managing Director & Vice President, Apple Operations Europe (based in Ireland)
  • Robert G. KEARNS
    President, Kearns Insurance Corporation (based in Canada)
  • Gerard KEENAN
    Executive Chairman, Richard Keenan & Co. Ltd. (based in Ireland)
  • Joan KEHOE
    Chief Executive Office, Quintillion (based in Ireland)
  • Cathal KELLY
    Chief Executive Officer, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (based in Ireland)
  • Michael KENNEALLY
    Principal, School of Canadian Irish Studies, Concordia University Montreal (based in Canada)
  • James KENNY
    President & CEO, JCK LLC (based in United States)
  • John KENT
    Executive Director, Kentech Group (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Paul KERLEY
    Chief Executive, Bouleo Ventures Ltd. (based in Ireland)
  • Gerard P. KILCOMMINS
    Vice President, Global Operations & General Manager, Galway Site, Medtronic Inc. (based in Ireland)
  • Philip KING
    Musician & Film-maker, (based in Ireland)
  • Adrian LACEY
    General Manager, Tanco Autowrap Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Helen LAMBERT
    Chief Executive Officer, Lambert + Associates (based in France)
  • Gerald LAWLESS
    President & Group Chief Executive Officer, Jumeirah Group (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Gerald P. LEARY
    Regional President, Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa (EMEA), Fedex (based in Belgium)
  • Timothy LEYDEN
    President, Western Digital (based in United States)
  • Michael LILLIS
    Chairman, Advisory Board, Avolon (based in Ireland)
  • Niall R. LYNAM
    Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Magna Mirrors/Electronics (based in United States)
  • Paul LYNAM
    Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Ltd. Ireland (based in Ireland)
  • Colm LYON
    Chief Executive Officer, Realex Payments (based in Ireland)
  • Pearse LYONS
    President, Alltech Inc (based in United States)
  • Fiach MacCONGHAIL
    Director & CEO, Abbey Theatre (based in Ireland)
  • Brian MacCRAITH
    President, Dublin City University (based in Ireland)
    Chief Executive Officer, Fine Grain Property Pte Ltd (based in Singapore)
  • Cormac MacDONNCHA
    Operations Director, Ingersoll Rand International (based in Ireland)
  • Guillermo MacLOUGHLIN BRÉARD
    Director, MacLoughlin & Associates (based in Argentina)
    Managing Director, Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs Ireland (based in Ireland)
  • Trevor MADIGAN
    Managing Director, The Vision Lab (based in United States)
  • Tony MAHER
    Chairman, Progress Foods (based in Russian Federation)
  • Paul MALLEE
    Chairman, Bus Eireann (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Albert MANIFOLD
    CEO Designate, CRH plc (based in Ireland)
  • Robert McADAM
    Executive Vice President, Analog Devices Incorporated (based in Ireland)
  • Malachy McALLISTER
    Managing Director - Global Banking & Markets, HSBC France (based in France)
  • Orlaith MCBRIDE
    Director, The Arts Council (based in Ireland)
  • Tara McCABE
    Senior Vice President, Permal Group (based in United States)
  • Gabriel McCAFFREY
    General Manager - Canada, RealDecoy (based in Canada)
  • Brian MCCARTHY
    Executive Chairman, FEXCO (based in Ireland)
  • John T McCARTHY
    Chairman of the Board, ING Bank - Turkey and ING European F?nanc?al Services plc - Dublin (based in Turkey)
  • Stan McCARTHY
    Chief Executive Officer, Kerry Group plc (based in Ireland)
  • Colin McCLATCHIE
    Business Consultant, (based in Britain)
  • David McCOURT
    Chief Executive Officer, Grahahan McCourt Capital (based in United States)
  • Martin McCOURT
    Executive Vice-President, Strategy Ventures Mergers and Acquisitions Gemalto (based in France)
  • Paul McCULLAGH
    Managing Director, Pacific Equity Partners (based in Australia)
  • Brendan McDONAGH
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd (based in Bermuda)
  • Conor McENROY
    Founder & Chairman, Abbeyfield Group (based in Paraguay)
  • Gary McGANN
    Chief Executive Officer, Smurfit Kappa Group (based in Ireland)
    Managing Director, Brehon Capital Partners (based in ireland)
  • Michael McGOVERN
    Chairman, TSI Inc. (based in United States)
  • Paraic MCGRATH
    ESBI Asia Director, ESB International (based in Singapore)
    President, Industrias H24 (based in Mexico)
    Chairman & Founder, Irish American Business Chamber & Network Inc. (based in United States)
  • Kieran McLOUGHLIN
    President & Chief Executive Officer, The Worldwide Ireland Funds (based in United States)
  • Michael McMULLEN
    Advisor/Investor, McMullen & Associates (based in United States)
  • Gregor McNAB
    Site Director Waterford Sites, GlaxoSmithKline Dungarvan Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Fr. Paul McNELIS
    Bendheim Professor of Economics & Financial Policy, Fordham University (based in United States)
    President & Vice-Chancellor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (based in Canada)
  • David McWILLIAMS
    Economist, (based in Ireland)
  • Thomas MEAGHER
    Managing Director, Grosvenor Capital Management (based in United States)
  • Kevin MELIA
    Former Chairman, Vette Corporation (based in United States)
    Partner, Emerald Travel (based in Australia)
  • Gerard MOONEY
    Vice President, Public Sector, IBM Corporation (based in United States)
  • Angela MOORE
    Partner, Ravensdale Capital LLC (based in United States)
  • Noel MOORE
    Vice President of Business Development, Menlo Systems GmbH (based in Ireland)
  • Thomas MORAN
    Chairman, President & CEO, Mutual of America (based in United States)
  • Kenny MORGAN
    Director, Trinity Corporate Services (based in Poland)
  • Christoph MUELLER
    Chief Executive Officer, Aer Lingus (based in Ireland)
  • Brendan MURPHY
    President, Cork Institute of Technology (based in Ireland)
  • Cliona MURPHY
    Senior Director, Asia Pacific, PepsiCo (based in Thailand)
  • Gerry MURPHY
    Senior Managing Director, The Blackstone Group LP (based in Britain)
  • Martin MURPHY
    Managing Director, Hewlett-Packard Ireland Ltd (based in Ireland)
  • Michael MURPHY
    President, University College Cork (based in Ireland)
  • Oliver MURPHY
    President, Institute of Technology Tralee (based in Ireland)
  • Peter MURPHY
    Co-Principal, Murphy's Food Sales (based in Canada)
  • Oliver MURRAY
    Managing Director, Portfolio Management & Client Services, Brandes Investment Partners L. P. (based in Canada)
  • Martin NAUGHTON
    President, Glen Dimplex Group (based in Ireland)
  • Shane NAUGHTON
    Chief Executive Officer, Inundata LLC (based in United States)
  • David NEENAN
    President International, Trans Union (based in United States)
    Director, International Biotechnology Program University of California (based in United States)
  • John NOLAN
    Chief Executive Officer, Steno Diabetes Centre Copenhagen (based in Denmark)
  • Philip NOLAN
    President, NUI Maynooth (based in Ireland)
  • Brendan NOONAN
    Senior Vice-President, Group Training & Development Emirates Airline Group (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Brian NORTON
    President, Dublin Institute of Technology (based in Ireland)
  • Niall NORTON
    Chief Executive Officer, Openet Telecom Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Dara Ó BRIAIN
    Comedian & TV Presenter, (based in United Kingdom)
  • Ciarán Ó CATHÁIN
    Professor, Athlone Institute of Technology (based in Ireland)
    Dean of School of Business, Quinn School of Business (based in Ireland)
  • Denis O'BRIEN
    Chairman, Digicel Group (based in Malta)
  • Justin O'BRIEN
    Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of New South Wales (based in Australia)
  • Mary Ann O'BRIEN
    Chairman, Lily O'Briens (based in Ireland)
    Chairman & CEO, Education Media & Publishing Group International (EMPGI) (based in Ireland)
  • Colm O'CARROLL
    President, Epsilon Chemicals & Advance Laboratories Inc. (based in Canada)
  • Enda O'COINEEN
    Executive Chairman, Kilcullen Kapital Partners (based in Czech Republic)
  • Stephen O'CONNOR
    Executive Chairman, The Underwriting Exchange (based in Ireland)
  • Tim O'CONNOR
    Chairman, The Gathering (based in Ireland)
  • Hugh O'DONNELL
    Managing Director, Saipem Italy (based in Italy)
  • Niall O'DOWD
    Founder, Irish Voice Newspaper Irish America Magazine irishcentral.com (based in United States)
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Glen Dimplex Group (based in Ireland)
  • Maurice O'GORMAN
    Chief Operating Officer, NCB Capital (based in Saudi Arabia)
  • Paul O'HARA
    Director & Founder, Ashoka/Change Nation (based in Ireland)
  • Liam O'MAHONY
    Chairman , Smurfit Kappa plc (based in Ireland)
  • Conor O'MARA
    Managing Director, Jefferies Hong Kong Limited (based in Hong Kong)
  • Harry O'NEILL
    Regional Managing Partner, Financial Services, Asia Pacific, Heidrick & Struggles (based in Hong Kong)
  • Peter O'NEILL
    Managing Director, IBM Ireland (based in Ireland)
  • Donal O'RIAIN
    Managing Director, Ecocem Materials Limited (based in France)
  • Paul O'RIORDAN
    Chief Executive Officer, Synexa Life Sciences (based in South Africa)
  • Patrick O'SHEA
    Chief Research Officer & Vice President, University of Maryland (based in United States)
  • Tony O'SHEA
    Chief Executive Officer, ArcRoyal Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Barry O'SULLIVAN
    Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems (based in United States)
  • David O'SULLIVAN
    Chief Operating Officer, European External Action Service (based in Belgium)
    Joint Managing Director, Shellfish de la Mer Limited (based in Ireland)
  • Niall O'TOOLE
    Managing Partner, Clyde & Co. Abu Dhabi (based in United Arab Emirates)
    Provost, Trinity College Dublin (based in Ireland)
  • Ivor QUEALLY
    Managing Director, QK Meats Group (based in South Africa)
  • Gilliane QUINN de SCHONEN
    President, Network Irlande (based in France)
  • Laureen REGAN
    President, Regan Productions & SCDL, Calgary (based in Canada)
  • Paul RELLIS
    Managing Director of Marketing & Operations for Western Europe, Microsoft Ireland (based in Ireland)
    Principal & Vice Chancellor, St. Andrews University (based in Britain)
  • Mark RODEN
    Chairman & CEO, ezetop (based in Ireland)
  • Andy ROGERS
    Co-Chair, Irish International Business Network (based in Britain)
  • Dermott ROWAN
    Managing Director & Co-Owner, Kiely Rowan Plc (based in United Kingdom)
  • Keith RUDDOCK
    General Counsel & Company Secretary, The Weir Group (based in Britain)
  • Frank Seiji SANDA
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Japan Communications Inc (based in Japan)
  • Anita M. SANDS
    Former Chief Operating Officer, UBS Wealth Management Americas (based in United States)
  • Bob SAVAGE
    Vice President & Managing Director, EMC Information Systems International (based in Ireland)
  • Paul SCALES
    Managing Director, Pacific Investments Asia Limited (based in Thailand)
  • Carl J SCHRAMM
    University Professor, Syracuse University (based in United States)
  • John SEWARD
    General Manager, Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. (based in Pakistan)
  • Sonal SHAH
    Entrepreneur & Innovator, Case Foundation and Georgetown University (based in United States)
    Global Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences & Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting (based in Britain)
  • Brendan SHARPE
    Senior Executive Vice-President, Industrial Development Bureau - Abu Dhabi (based in United Arab Emirates)
  • Dermot SHORTT
    Managing Director - Global Head of UBS Delta, UBS Investment Bank (based in United Kingdom)
  • Eamonn SINNOTT
    General Manager, Intel Ireland (based in Ireland)
  • William SLATTERY
    Executive Vice President, Head of Global Services EMEA, State Street Bank (based in Ireland)
  • Ted SMYTH
    Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, McGraw Hill Financial (based in United States)
    Chief Executive Officer, Soft-ex Limited (based in Ireland)
  • John SPEERS
    Managing Director, Institutional Relationship Management, BMO Capital Markets (based in Canada)
  • Guillermo E. STANLEY
    Director, Banco Macro & Havanna Coffeehouses (based in Argentina)
  • Kevin SULLIVAN
    Chairman, Washington-Ireland Program (based in United States)
  • Fionnuala SWEENEY
    Anchor & Correspondent, CNN International (based in United States)
  • Harry SWEENEY
    Owner, Paca Paca Farms (based in Japan)
  • H. Brian THOMPSON
    Executive Chairman, GTT (based in United States)
  • Donough TIERNEY
    Vice President, EADS Northern/Western Europe UN NATO and Multinational Orgs. (based in France)
  • Gavin L. TIERNEY
    Chief Executive Officer, Bimeda Inc (based in United States)
  • Catherine TOOLAN
    Operations & Projects Director, ARAMARK International (based in Ireland)
  • Mark TUOHEY
    Attorney, Brown Rudnick LLP (based in United States)
    Managing Director, Rowa Wagner GmbH & Co., KG Germany Rowa Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ireland Rowex Ltd. (based in Germany)
  • Michael WALSH
    Managing Director & Head of Macro Client FX Sales, Lloyds Banking Group (based in United Kingdom)
  • Susan WALSH
    Co-Founder & Director, Globe Business College Munich (based in Germany)
  • Tom WALSH
    Co-Founder & CEO, Renetech AB (based in Sweden)
  • Michelle WALSHE
    Commercial Manager, RibWorld (based in Ireland)
  • Rodney WALSHE
    Chairman & Managing Director, Rodney Walshe Ltd. (based in New Zealand)
  • James WHELTON
    Co-Founder, CoderDojo (based in Ireland)

Government Members, Rialtas na hÉireann

Ministers of State

  • Paul Kehoe, T.D.
    Minister of State at the Department of The Taoiseach (with special responsibility as Government Chief Whip) and at the Department of Defence
  • Jan O'Sullivan, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Housing and Planning (Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government)
  • John Perry, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Small Business (Department of Jobs, Enterprise &Innovation)
  • Michael Ring, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Tourism and Sport (Department of Transport Tourism & Sport)
  • Fergus O’Dowd, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for the NewEra Project (Departments of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources and Environment, Community & Local Government)
  • Brian Hayes, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Public Service Reform and the OPW (Department of Public Expenditure & Reform)and with special responsibility for international tax issues and customs reform (Department of Finance)
  • Ciaran Cannon, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Training and Skills (Department of Education & Skills)
  • Joe Costello, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Trade and Development (Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade)
  • Alex White, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Primary Care (Department of Health)
  • Tom Hayes, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for Food, Horticulture and Food Safety (Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine)
  • Paschal Donohoe, T.D.
    Minister of State with special responsibility for European Affairs (Departments of the Taoiseach and Foreign Affairs & Trade)

Government Officials/State Agencies

  • Martin Fraser
    Secretary General, Department of the Taoiseach
  • David Cooney
    Secretary General, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Adrian O'Neill
    Secretary General, Office of the President
  • Geraldine Byrne Nason
    Second Secretary General for European Affairs, Department of the Taoiseach
  • John Moran
    Secretary General, Department of Finance
  • Robert Watt
    Secretary General, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform
  • Seán Ó Foghlú
    Secretary General, Department of Education and Skills
  • John Murphy
    Secretary General, Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation
  • Jim Breslin
    Secretary General, Department of Children and Youth Affairs
  • Tom O'Mahoney
    Secretary General, Transport, Tourism and Sport
  • Mark Griffin
    Secretary General, Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
  • Joe Hamill
    Secretary General, Department of Arts, Heritage and Gaeltacht
  • Tom Moran
    Secretary General, Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine
  • Niamh O'Donoghue
    Secretary General, Department of Social Protection
  • Ambrose McLoughlin
    Secretary General, Department of Health
  • Brian Purcell
    Secretary General, Department of Justice and Equality
  • Josephine Feehily
    Chairman, Revenue Commissioners
  • Clare McGrath
    Chairman, Commissioners of Public Works
  • Barry O'Leary
    Chief Executive Officer, IDA
  • Frank Ryan
    Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Ireland
  • Julie Sinnamon
    Chief Executive Officer Designate, Enterprise Ireland
  • Aidan Cotter
    Chief Executive Officer, Bord Bia
  • Niall Gibbons
    Chief Executive Officer, Tourism Ireland
  • Frank O'Connor
    Deputy Director, NTMA
  • Shaun Quinn
    Chief Executive Officer, Fáilte Ireland
  • Paul O'Toole
    Director General, FÁS
  • Martin Shanahan
    Chief Executive, Forfás
  • Mark Ferguson
    Director General, Science Foundation Ireland
  • Christine Sisk
    Director, Culture Ireland
  • Dan Mulhall
    Ambassador London
  • Anne Anderson
    Ambassador Washington

Oireachtas and Other Participants

  • Senator Paddy Burke
  • Pat Breen, T.D.
    Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee
  • Micheál Martin, T.D.
    Leader, Fianna Fáil
  • Brendan Smith, T.D.
    Foreign Affairs Spokesman for Fianna Fáil
  • Gerry Adams, T.D.
    Leader, Sinn Féin
  • Seán Crowe, T.D.
    Foreign Affairs Spokesman for Sinn Féin
  • John Whelan
    Chief Executive Officer, Irish Exporters Association
  • John Bryan
    President, Irish Farmers Association
  • Orlaith McBride
    Director, Arts Council
  • Willie White
    Artistic Director, Dublin Theatre Festival
  • David Begg
    General Secretary, ICTU
  • Danny McCoy
    Director General, IBEC