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Director, YTL Corporation
Leslie Eu
Director General, DIGITALEUROPE
Bridget Cosgrave
Exec VP, Global Chief Marketing Officer, LG Electronics, Seoul
Dermot J.M. Boden
Director, Mac Loughlin & Associates
Guillermo Mac Loughlin Bréard
Dr Brian Buckley
Vice President for Mfg Ireland & Singapore, Pfizer Ireland
Paul Duffy
Member of the Arts Council
Philip King
Performance Unit Leader TNK-BP Russia
Avril Conroy
Managing Director Deutsche Bank, London
Basil Geoghegan
CEO, Etihad Airways
James Hogan
Chief Executive, Norkom Technologies
Paul Kerley
Chief Executive, SingTel Optus Pty Ltd
Paul O'Sullivan
President and CEO The Ireland Funds
Kingsley Aikins
Chairman, Australian-Ireland Fund
Charles P Curran
Company Director, Retired, Skilled Group Ltd.
Francis Hargrave
Chairman of the Irish Film Board
James Morris
President and CEO, Brandes Investment Partners (Toronto)
Oliver Murray
Chief Executive, Concern Worldwide
Tom Arnold
Chmn, Pres and CEO - Mutual of America, Chmn of Concern Worldwide U.S.
Thomas Moran
CEO, Telefónica O2 Ireland
Danuta Gray
T.D. Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources.
Eamon Ryan
Chairman, Melview Developments/Galway Tourism Investment Group
Nigel McKenna
Partner, Vinson & Elkins LLP
Mark Tuohey
Producer Tyrone Productions
John Mc Colgan
President and CEO, G24 Innovations
John Hartnett
Retired CEO/Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation
Craig Barrett
Brian Cowen
CNN International
Fionnuala Sweeney
Group Chairman, PCS (Thailand)
Liam O'Keefe-Ayudhkij
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Micheál Martin
President of GAA
Christy Cooney

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  • I thought that the organisation by the Forum Secretariat was exemplary. I also found that the programme was too broad. Maybe the focus for the first year or two of something like this should be largely limited to the creation of a fantastic network and the defining of some key national messages that would be distributed to that network? The Taoiseach and/or Minister for Foreign Affairs and/or Minister for Finance could send a quarterly to the network, giving fair information about Ireland. This database of people interested in Ireland be offered for use to the members of the Network. Two other suggestions: - look for a bipartisan approach that could involve the opposition so that the Forum, if it works, will survive a change of regime - and consider asking delegates to pay a fee which would cover the cost of the event. The fee might be voluntary but it would be great if the cash costs of the event were met by delegates. Finally, remember that Ireland is a peripheral story. We have a duty to get out and tell the story.
    Comment added by 09GodRor on the 24 September 2009
  • Dear All, I am now on my way back to Singapore and I attach my thoughts on a suggested 3-Point Plan on how Ireland could do for Asia what we have previously done very well for US companies who wanted to enter the European market. Strategy for Asia •Develop a new World Strategy to reflect the new World Economic Order. •The centre of gravity of the global economy has moved from mid-Atlantic to mid-Pacific •For Ireland to be taken seriously in Asia, Asia needs to be clear that Ireland is taking Asia seriously •Ireland should target to provide the gateway for Asia into Europe, in the same way as we have previously done for US companies looking to enter Europe 3-Point Plan for Asia 1. Networking 2. Inward Investment & Trade 3. Education 1. Networking Build the capacity of the on-the-ground presence of EI, IDA and Consulate offices in Asia to invest in our existing networks and to build new ones – Ireland has currently the smallest diplomatic/government presence of all European countries in Asia. Networks should be built around themes that are important to both Europe and Asia, e.g. a key economic development goal for China is to grow its State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) into MNC’s through their internationalisation and commercialisation. Ireland’s networking structures for Asia will require a different model to those ones that have worked successfully for us in the US and Australia in the past – as Ireland does not have similar first, second and third generation movers and shakers in key positions in Asia who are aligned to Ireland 2. Inward Investment & Trade Asia should be viewed as more than just an export/trade destination – it has the potential to be an FDI investor into Ireland also Ireland should consider establishing bilateral relationships through Government structures with ASEAN countries to help Irish companies to establish markets in Asia and to help Asian countries expand into Europe via Ireland. Ireland should consider establishing a Special Economic Zones, in partnership with Singapore, to attract Chinese SOE’s into Ireland, as a gateway for their entry into Europe, along their growth path towards internationalisation and commercialisation and into becoming an MNC. Singapore would be a good partner for Ireland, as they have already established Special Economic Zones in China and their special relationship with China could help to enhance the credibility of this offering to China. Likewise their Special Economic Zones in China could be used to help Irish companies enter into the Chinese market. 3. Education Ireland needs as large a workforce that understands Asia as we have that understands the US, if we are to build a long term sustainable economic relationship in the region Ireland should establish a graduate programme for new graduates to spend 3-5 years in Asia before returning back to Ireland with their knowledge of the region Ireland should look to become an educational hub for Asians, which would develop bonds between Ireland and their future leaders of industry and government - in the same way as we have those bonds in the US. Partnerships should be developed between Irish and Asian academic institutions (and also between their Ministries of Education and ours), so as some modules of degree programmes can be delivered in Ireland and others in Asia. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any of these thoughts to be further clarified Best Regards Gerry Creaner
    Comment added by 09CreGer on the 21 September 2009
  • I am anxious to follow up on one of the ideas discussed at the Forum. What are the next steps in doing this?
    Comment added by 09ByrDAN on the 6 October 2009
  • I wish to follow up on the idea of a small number of Irish companies that have an unique and world class solution with real potential for growth across the world would be matched with some key members of the Diaspora who would become the "promoters/ mentors" of one of these companies. My idea is that in the first instance, Enterprise Ireland would screen those selected companies before wasting the time of the Diaspora by meeting with companies that have no chance of success. A "selected" company would then be matched with 2 or 3 relevant members of the Diaspora ( Geographically and Product specific) who would be tasked with building the selected company from their current revenue to specific target revenues for the next three years. Only the very best of Irish companies with real worldwide potential will make this cut. Can someone from EI who have an interest in pursuing this idea further please make contact and will all of the members of the Diaspora who are interested in joining the databank of potential "promoters" please submit their names asap and I will take it on board to get something moving. Dan Byrne.
    Comment added by 09ByrDAN on the 6 October 2009